There are a countless number of reasons why a player strikes out, but most of these flaws can be separated into 2 different categories:

  1. Poor Mechanics
  2. Poor Timing

There are a number of flaws that fall under the category of poor mechanics, such as wrist roll, moving the head in the swing, lunging or bending the front knee, and lack of balance. However, the most significant of all the flaws in causing strike outs is the barring of the front arm. This is most definitely the flaw of any player who simply struggles to make contact with the ball. Extending of the front arm too early in the swing causes a very loopy path to the ball. Players with this issue have a barrel path that goes down, drops below the plane of the pitch, then has to quickly come back up to attempt to get back on plane with the pitch. If contact is made at all, the result is weak pop ups and ground balls.

Now, the major flaw in the category of “poor timing” is late timing. This is commonly known as, “getting the foot down late.” Most young players have issues with fast and late timing. Yes, the foot gets down fast, but right as the ball reaches the plate. Young players are plagued with quick feet, and tend to move their feet all around the box in anticipation of the pitch being thrown. “Late on the ball” and “see the ball deep” are two common phrases used by coaches that can cause tons of issues. Players late on the ball lack an aggressive attitude at the plate and in turn begin to lose confidence. Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays does an incredible job explaining this phenomena in the ESPN short, “How He Changed His Swing.” Here is the link below:


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